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Blockchain 2025

Dec 19, 2018

Listeners of the show know that most dApps we have covered on the show are all built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Naturally, there are many competitors to Ethereum. One of them,  Zilliqa, looks to build a blockchain predicated on speed; faster transactions per second.

Xinshu Dong, the CEO broke down the Zilliqa project, complex dApps and some ideas about dApp adoption in 2019.

01:27 - On Singapore: one of the top ICOs spots in the world.
03:08 - Why does the world need a Zilliqa Blockchain?
07:46 - The DAO: an example of not needing a company to launch a product or service.
10:00- Is speed the main selling point of Zilliqa?
12:45 - Costs of a typical transaction fee on Zilliqa.
15:17 - When Xinshu expects to see Blockchain use on a massive scale.
17:24 - Some DApps that Xinshu would like to see operating.
19:35 - Gaming: where the fans creates value.
22:49 - How is Zilliqa doing financially?