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Blockchain 2025

Dec 12, 2018

"Calling this one now... the crypto craze of 2019 will be game assets and collectibles." -Erik Voorhees

We have many touch points from developers, investors, and entrepreneurs in the cryptosphere that Cryptokitties was not a one-off phenomenon. A fad, yes. Also, it is a preview of a massive up and coming niche in the cryptoworld.

Collectibles from stamps, coins, jewelry, cars have and will always exist. Thanks to blockchain, unique digital collectibles are on the rise.

Blake and Matt break down this new ecosystem.

00:42 - Opportunities and the bear market.
03:30 - Crypto-Collectibles 101.
04:31 - Antiques for the 21st century.
06:02 - Collectible: First stage of becoming money.
08:33 - The rise of CryptoKitties.
11:00 - What gives a Crypto-collectible value?
12:15 - Pokemon and Decentraland.
14:30 - What is a non- fungible asset?
16:03 - The risks of trading cryptocollectibles
And much more!