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Blockchain 2025

Sep 19, 2018

A male-dominated space, adoption of crypto depends on both men and women.

We talk about females in blockchain culture and highlight 3 underrated women who are making a big difference in the blockchain world.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

2:00 How we’re pissing off entire blockchain ecosystem
3:30 How can we bring more women into the space? Why is it predominantly male?
5:25 The mission at bitcoin com and why we need women to achieve that
7:30 Why businesses need to be able to speak women's language and meet their needs
8:51 Are men more likely to take risks?
9:59 Instagram appeal to women …should we use customization in blockchain more?
11:56 Using blockchain can give women more freedom
15:50 Alena Vranova - co-founder of the Trezor hardware wallet
17:41 Taylor Monahan- MyCrypto Previous Co-Founder of MyEtherwallet
24:47 XDite Founder of OTCBTC in Taiwan & also running for Mayor of Taipei
27:46 Why women will help adoption of crypto

& much more!