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Blockchain 2025

Oct 31, 2018

Matt Aaron and new co-host Blake Moore go over the sometimes underlooked importance of mining, exchange tokens, their use within the mining spectrum, and finally take and in-depth look at VIAT Tokens, fresh off a 30 million dollar ICO.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

  • 0:41 - Presenting new co-host Blake Moore

Oct 17, 2018

Matt and Kelso examine the new documentary yet to be released, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain. It’s from Alex Winter, who produced popular documentaries Downloaded and Deep Web, covering outlier aspects of the digital space.

He’s back to take on blockchain, and if the press release and trailer are any guide,...

Oct 10, 2018

Matt and Kelso examine crazy amounts of money thrown at blockchain projects.

Warranted or not, blockchain is officially a multi billion dollar industry, and it has achieved that status during what’s now known as the extended Crypto Winter -- a bear market closing in on a year long.

And estimates by industry insiders...

Oct 3, 2018

The current state of credit scores worldwide is miserable.

In each country, the system is flawed and subjective in how you are evaluated.

Move to a new country? You have to start over. No credit card? you may not have credit in the United States. Not registered to vote? This will hurt your score in the U.K.

Then there...