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Blockchain 2025

Aug 20, 2019

One of the oldest companies in the space, has staying power. With over 40 million downloads, has a large share of bitcoin transactions and the #1 downloaded wallet.

In 2011 the term "blockchain" was not a word. It was not a thing. In fact their website, at the time, was the first page on the internet to ever use the word.

Back in the day (2011), it made the decision to take the non-custodial approach. This was in contrast to Coinbase's custodial approach.

Years later, Peter is still grinding it out at the headquarters in London. Peter takes an unconventional approach to life and business. As Peter states, "even Roger thinks I'm weird."

Entering uncharted territory for the company, they finally decided to launch an exchange of their own, PIT, which is billed to be the fastest crypto exchange on the market!