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Blockchain 2025

Oct 10, 2018

Matt and Kelso examine crazy amounts of money thrown at blockchain projects.

Warranted or not, blockchain is officially a multi billion dollar industry, and it has achieved that status during what’s now known as the extended Crypto Winter -- a bear market closing in on a year long.

And estimates by industry insiders claim 2018 is on pace to break investing even during the bull run of late last year.

1:30 - Elon Musk vs. the SEC
5:28 - The ecosystem health outside of tokens (Coinbase,
7:09 - The bear market
9:04 - Wealth transfer and ICOs
11:26 - Are token sales for the people?
13:37 - Major investments outside of ICO’s, Dow Jones, and Fundamentals
15:18 - Gearing up for the next bull run
17:56 - Going back to Bitcoin in 2013 to provide perspective for today

Mentioned in the show: