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Blockchain 2025

Oct 3, 2018

The current state of credit scores worldwide is miserable.

In each country, the system is flawed and subjective in how you are evaluated.

Move to a new country? You have to start over. No credit card? you may not have credit in the United States. Not registered to vote? This will hurt your score in the U.K.

Then there is the lack of privacy. Centralized agencies like Equifax cannot keep your info safe.

So we discuss how blockchain could fundamentally change it. And a group of bright, young minds is working on just that at Bloom.

3:05 - The current credit score structure in the United States
6:00 - Access to the financial system
7:28 - Centralized data interpretation across the world
9:04 - The Equifax hack
11:32 - Hypocrisy in the current financial system
14:22 - Blockchain disrpuption / free market competition
15:49 - Examples of credit score limitations
17:21 - Can Bloom take down the powers that be?