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Blockchain 2025

May 30, 2018

Stuart tells us some stories about Scotland's pride: Buckfast tonic wine, which is prone to causing poor behavior. From there, we tackle:

  • The traditional wine market: the exporter, the importer, the distributor, the store, the customer ... a long supply chain that can be improved to be more efficient
  • How feasible is it to move away from in person purchases to online with wine?
  • Baby boomers and millennials, their impact in the current industry
  • Avoiding fraud with blockchain technology: the corks and their fingerprint
  • The potential to decentralize trust in supply chains and bring measurable benefits and value to the public and private sectors.

Projects trying to be the solution:

  • Vechain and “My story” app, for eliminating counterfeit
  • VINX, wine futures for giving to consumers a pull or a discount to buy in