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Blockchain 2025

Jul 25, 2018

Today's special guest is none other than Taylor Pearson, author of The End Of Jobs. 

He has emerged as a thought leader around blockchain's impact on our future. This episode is centered around you, the individual.

The 1950's 9-to-5 company man is a thing of the past. Taylor explains:

"The Organization Man was defined...

Jul 18, 2018

In the mainstream press and the global corporate world, cryptocurrency is reviled. It is hated. Its users are thought to be straight trash. Don’t ever forget that. That it derives from distinctly polemical anarchists who were bent on leaving government forms of money makes it all the worse.

There is absolutely no...

Jul 11, 2018

Without a doubt, exchanges, or banks, such as San Francisco based Coinbase have onboarded more folk to cryptocurrencies than any other. Ease of use. Frictionless transactions.

At the same time, hacks, flash crashes, government raids and lawsuits are ongoing issues for centralized crypto exchanges.

Bank of America...

Jul 4, 2018

We are bullish on file storage using the blockchain. The cloud is just someone else's computer. And you are susceptible to others accessing your data (see Dropbox hack)

A blockchain solution would empower decentralized end-users: files are encrypted, distributed, and then distributed in redundancy all around the world.